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Quo vadis archaeologia?

Quo vadis archaeologia?

Quo vadis archaeologia? Whither European archaeology in the 21th century? Proceedings of the European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop - Mądralin near Warsaw, 12-13 October 2001. Edited by Zbigniew Kobyliński. Warsaw 2001. Książka wydana wspólnie z Europejską Fundacją Nauki i Instytutem Archeologii i Etnologii PAN.


Romuald Schild
Marek Rubnikowicz

Observations on the European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop "Whither archaeology?" - Stanisław Tabaczyński
Quo vadis archaeologia? Introductory remarks - Zbigniew Kobyliński

Part I. Archaeology in uniting Europe: its cognitive, educational and cultural role
Logicist modelling and the transfer of knowledge in the humanities - Jean-Claude Gardin
The cognitive role of archaeology - Evzen Neustupny
Borders of ignorance: research communities and language - Kristian Kristiansen
Excavating the other: European archaeology in the age of globalisation - Bjornar Olsen
Role of archaeology in bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Europe - Bozena Werbart
From isolation to integration: some remarks about Bulgarian archaeology: 1944-1989 - Ivan Gatsov

Part II. Archaeological heritage in uniting Europe: its protection, management and use
Archaeological heritage and archaeological sources: new vision of the subject matter of archaeology - Zbigniew Kobyliński
Archaeological heritage management and research - Willem Willems
Changing approaches to the historic environment - Adrian Oliver and Kate Clark

Part III. Methodology and programming strategy of archaeological research
The future of archaeology - Nicholas Conard
The future of field archaeology - Martin Carver
Archaeological field research - definition of minimum requirements - Jean Bourgeois
Survey archaeology and its scientific potentials: not a panacea but a step to the right direction - Maria Iacovou

Part IV. The past for the present and for the future
Teaching archaeology in higher education - glance from Russia - Ludmila Koryakova
Presenting the past through scientific journals - Isabel Martinez Navarrete
Towards a 21st century archaeology for everyone: uniting current theory with the wider community - John Carman
Archaeology in the museum: presenting the past to the general public - Wojciech Brzeziński

Part V. Quo vadis archaeologia? The final discussion